Jennifer Morris is an experienced entrepreneur and organization leader.  Her career has touched on systems design and manufacturing, electronic control systems, software development, digital media production, web design and communications management.

She founded Image Engineering Corporation in 1979 with three partners, and built it into a profitable business with a mixed service/manufacturing model.  The firm operated in an FDA-regulated industry, producing laser devices for visual displays and entertainment.  As President and Creative Director, she participated in high-profile projects such as the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, 1986 Liberty Weekend, and the 1988 Olympic Eve Festival in Seoul, Korea.  Her work was featured at IBM’s most prestigious sales events for over 10 years, as well as diverse theatrical venues, from Las Vegas to Boston’s Symphony Hall.  Ms. Morris received the 1992 Career Achievement Award from the International Laser Display Association (ILDA).

Subsequently she joined Preston Productions, Inc. of Marlborough MA where she served as Vice President, Sales and Marketing, working with Fortune 500 firms to develop corporate communications and event marketing strategies.  She continues to consult with Preston clients on customer experience design, employee communication, and special programs.

Jennifer is an alumna of Kirkland College (now merged with Hamilton, Clinton NY) and is active within its alumnae community.  She received her MBA from the Simmons College School of Management in Boston, where she pursued research in clean technology and corporate social responsibility.  Those studies led her to identify business opportunities within the markets for energy efficiency and  sustainable personal transportation, which LocalWatt now fosters.