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Back to the Future

Coming back from a recent MCAN meeting, we stumbled upon the legendary car chargers of Alewife MBTA parking (2nd floor, right as you exit). Most of these are wrapped in black plastic, but someone is making an effort to expose them.

Alewife station sign

Signage at Alewife

The charger itself is an ICS-200 (“Intelligent Charging Station”) a 240V,40amp unit. The manufacturer’s website look like it hasn’t been touched since 1999 – and neither have these chargers, I’ll bet. But they meant well, I’m sure.

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I Want My EV

I often get asked if electric cars really exist, and where they can be purchased (CA, mostly). So I was delighted to stumble on a directory at Electric-Cars-Are-For-Girls.com. Great name (I want one of those too). And now, up on the Mass. North Shore there’s ZAP New England – looking forward to test-driving some models this summer.

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